How to buy/Shopping guide

1. Add the product you wish to your basket

Select the product category from the main menu (Voiles and curtains, Accessories, Furnishings, Furniture,  Women Accessories). 

View and select the product that interests you. 

Add product to the Shopping cart by clicking the ADD TO CART button. 

If you want to configure your own product, click on the button SET YOUR OWNPRODUCT, follow the steps and finally click the ADD TO CART button. 

If you want to continue shopping  you must go to CONTINUE SHOPPING and repeat the above steps.

2. Place the order

If you want to place the order hit the PLACE ORDER button.

Online shopping is available only for clients who already have an account on our online store. To place an order you must log in or, if you are a new user, to follow the registration steps.

Fill out all the details for DELIVERY, INVOICING, SHIPPING and PAYMENT.  

At the end you need to CONFIRM THE ORDER. You will receive a  confirmation e-mail on the adress you provided, with all the details for your order.