Horeca (Hotels, restaurants, cafes)

Sophia meets the demands of the hotels, restaurants, hostels and cafes with the new collections of curtains and voiles. There are many unique collections of beautiful fabrics, classic or modern, in rich colors. We customize the materials upon our customers demands: we create patterns and color combinations so that we reach our customer's vision.

Museums and theatres

We achieved outstanding projects by their elegance, style and prestige; we added new glow to many monuments and cultural institutions, museums, theaters and vintage buildings, such as the National Theatre in Iasi, the Union Museum , the "Mihail Kogălniceanu" Museum, the "Petru Poni" Museum, the Memorial Palace "Al. I. Cuza" in Ruginoasa. All these are projects that highlight our passion for beauty.


The harmony of the place where you live revealss your personality and shapes your inner state. The seemingly insignificant details are the ones that create natural beauty. The filtered transparent light, the gentle harmonies, the rich and delicate colors help to keep your inner peace.      

When talking about Sophia, we talk about style and elegance, about refinement and intimacy which turn your house into a home. It is all about respect for your home, for your taste and, above all, for you. Due to these qualities of our decors, we are able to create the most stylish ambients that fantasy can reach.