Terms and conditions

By visiting, using and ordering products viewed on the sophia-uk.co.uk website you accept the terms of use which will be detailed below. For the proper use of the website, we recommend you read carefully the Conditions of Use. Sophia-uk.co.uk website is owned by the company SOPHIA 2004 SRL. We reserve the right to make changes to these Terms of Use and any amendments for the sophia-uk.co.uk website without prior notice. By accessing the page Terms and conditions, you can always read the latest version of these provisions.

Sophia-uk.co.uk site is hosted by the Company's servers. SOPHIA 2004 SRL is not responsible for the content, quality or nature of sites reached through links on the site sophia-uk.co.uk, regardless the nature of these links. For such websites, the responsibility is beard entirely by the owners of the website in question. You agree that the supply of services or products featured on sophia-uk.co.uk starts immediately after completion of all formalities required for registration. The information provided must be correct. By opting for the record, you are obligated to provide correct name, address and other information. To correct or update this information, visit "My Account" section. By accessing and using the personal password of the account you are responsible for all actions arising from its use. Sophia-uk.co.uk can’t be held responsible for errors arising from the negligence of the security and confidentiality of the user account and password.

SC SOPHIA 2004 SRL is an operator for personal data registered in the register of ANSPDCP under no: 4007. SC SOPHIA 2004 SRL respects the privacy and security of processing the personal data of every individual who visits this website in order to make online shopping.

Under the provisions of the laws for protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data, and the processing of personal data and privacy in the electronic communications sector, SC SOPHIA 2004 SRL is required to manage safely and only for the purposes specified below, the personal data you provide.

Under the provisions of the laws, the registered persons have the following rights:
• the right for information
• the right for access to personal data
• the right for intervention on personal data
• the right to object
• the right not to be subject to individual decisions
• the right to go to court

Electronic communication

By accessing the website Sophia-uk.co.uk, the use, visit, purchase of the goods or sending e-mails to the Sophia team, the client automatically consents to the development of electronic communications with it. Communication between the two parties (client and company) is done electronically, considering that the user agrees to receive notifications from Sophia-uk.co.uk in electronic way, including communications by e-mail or ads on the website. Electronic communication can be completed, as appropriate by the traditional one. By completing the order the user agrees that the documents which accompany each order (invoice, warranty card, the calculation way, etc.) are sent automatically and exclusively at the time of consignment for the order electronically to the email address used to create account and to the user account of the client on sophia-uk.co.uk website. If you want documents to be also sent in the package, please indicate this in the "Add Comments" when placing the order.

LIST OF THE remote communication techniques:
1. printed addressed;
2. typed letter;
3. printed advertising with order ticket;
4. catalogue;
5. Telephone with human intervention;
6. telephone without human intervention (automatic calling machine, audio text);
7. radio;
8. videophone (telephone with picture)
9. videotext (TV screen with keyboard or touch screen);
10. electronic mail (e-mail);
11. fax;
12. television (teleshopping).


The entire content of the website Sophia-uk.co.uk, including text, images, graphics, buttons, web graphics, scripts and other data, is owned by SC SOPHIA 2004 SRL or its suppliers and is protected under copyright law and laws on intellectual and industrial property rights. The use without the written consent of any elements of the Sophia-uk.co.uk, or any items listed above shall be punished under the laws in force. To report intellectual property rights you can use the email address: office@sophia-uk.co.uk

Accessing the website

SC SOPHIA 2004 SRL guarantees limited access, for personal interests on this website and does not grant permission to download or modify some or all of the website, to reproduce part or all of the website, to copy, to sell / resell or exploit the website in any other manner, for commercial or contrary to the interests of society without written consent.

Other information

Visitors on the website can comment, submit suggestions, ideas, questions or other information, as long as the content is not illegal, obscene, threatening, defamatory, does not in any way disturb the privacy of others, does not violate intellectual property rights, contains viruses, texts on various promotional campaigns, chain letters, mass emails or any other form of spam. People who use a false email address or will send emails or other communications on behalf of another natural or legal person or on behalf of any other entity shall be punished in accordance with the law. In case of sending materials / documents is considered that the user gives the company SOPHIA 2004 SRL non-exclusive, unrestricted, free, irrevocable and transmissible right to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works, and the right to distribute, display such content anywhere, by any means.

Responsibility relating to products

SC SOPHIA 2004 SRL does not guarantee that the product descriptions or other content of this website is error-free or that it is complete. SOPHIA 2004 SRL assumes no responsibility and cannot be held responsible for any damages incurred by the use of any products purchased through this website, products for which SC SOPHIA 2004 SRL makes no warranty, express or implied, does not guarantee nor be held responsible if the goods purchased do not meet the purpose for which they were purchased; products can be returned without giving any reason, for details see section Return Policy

Also, SC SOPHIA 2004 SRL is not responsible for operation of the website, information, content, materials or products on the website. Quality products marketed by the Sophia-uk.co.uk is an exclusive task for manufacturers or importers. SC SOPHIA 2004 SRL will not be held responsible for any inaccuracies or omissions regarding products, their quality or any other aspects of these products. Any complaint will be brought to the attention of SC SOPHIA 2004 SRL in 7 days after receiving the goods.

If the prices or other details of the products sold are displayed incorrectly due to technical error of information processing, Sophia-uk.co.uk reserves the right not to fulfil orders for the product (s) and to notify the customer as soon as possible about the error occurred through any way of communication.


The website Sophia-uk.co.uk and related materials are provided as they are and as long as they are available. SOPHIA Society 2004 SRL will not be held responsible nor guarantees express or implied, in any way, for the operation / functionality of the website, information or website content, materials or products on the website.

SC SOPHIA 2004 SRL will not be held liable for any damages of any kind, including but not limited to, any direct, indirect, incidental, special, punitive, consequential or other damages (including without limitation loss of profits, revenues, or similar economic loss ), whether in contract, due to injury, damage that may occur due to the use or inability to use the materials available on this website or any linked website, even if we are advised of such a possibility, nor for any claim by a third party.


By using, viewing or purchasing products from the website, the user agrees that the British laws will govern the terms and conditions of use of the above and any dispute of any sort that might arise between users and SC SOPHIA 2004 SRL. In the event of conflict between SC SOPHIA 2004 SRL and its customers will first try to solve them amicably.

If amicable settlement is not possible, the conflict will be solved in court, according to British law.

Responsibilities disclaimer

The images shown on the website, are by way of example, the products may differ from the images supplied in any way, with regard to the colour, appearance, texture of the fabric, etc. We are not responsible for possible differences between the colour to your desktop and the product itself.

The only obligation of the SC SOPHIA 2004 SRL, to any customer for non-delivery or incorrect delivery, is the refund of amounts received from the client to the company. Products ordered may be returned within 7 days of receipt. They must be returned in the original packaging and in the same condition they were delivered. Otherwise, SC SOPHIA 2004 SRL reserves the right to refuse the return. If return is accepted, SC SOPHIA 2004 SR is obliged to return the value of the returned products within maximum 30 days or any other product they want for change. If applicable, shipping costs will be borne by the customer or merchant.

SC SOPHIA 2004 SRL has the right not to deliver partially or completely a specific order, where certain products are no longer available. If payment is made in advance, the customer will be entitled to get back the money paid for the product. In all cases where goods cannot be delivered, the client may require only the immediate return of the proceeds deposit of SC SOPHIA 2004 SRL, but no other compensation. The only obligation of the SC SOPHIA 2004 SRL to any customer for non-delivery or incorrect delivery of purchased products is the amount received from the customer.

SC SOPHIA 2004 SRL is not responsible for any defects / deficiencies of the online purchased products, and cannot be held liable in any way; its only obligation is to return the client's money after returning the faulty product.

SC SOPHIA 2004 SRL is not responsible for printing or display errors on the website regarding prices or other information / details of products, direct or indirect. If the prices or other details of the products were displayed wrong, including because they were incorrectly entered into the database, SC SOPHIA 2004 SRL allocate their right to cancel delivery of the product and to notify the customer in the shortest time of the error, if delivery was not made yet.

Unilateral denunciation

The consumer has the right to unilaterally denounce the contract resulting from the order within 10 days from the date of acceptance of delivery. SC SOPHIA 2004 SRL undertakes to reimburse the amount paid to the consumer within maximum 30 days.

Price policy and delivery

The prices are displayed for each product. All prices include VAT. The final cost of the transaction will include the value of the product ordered and delivery.

Payment can be made by any of the accepted payment methods. We reserve the right to change the selling prices of the products presented when we consider it necessary.

Some products may not be available as from the time of order and processing time, the stock may change. If a product you ordered is not in stock, we will notify you immediately.

SC SOPHIA 2004 SRL will undertake any promotional campaign on the products listed on the website, promotions whose terms will be determined entirely by SC SOPHIA 2004 SRL.

Delivery terms

Orders are sent by special courier company and reach the customer in about 5 working days of shipment. Under special conditions or in exceptional cases, the company reserves the right to increase the delivery time.

Payment methods

Payment can be made by any method accepted by Sophia-romaina.ro available.

Promotions and contests

SC SOPHIA 2004 SRL sets itself the regulations of the promotions and competitions it organizes. Date of commencement and completion of such promotions is specified on the website. These regulations are made aware to the potential participants only through its website.

Additional Charges

The final price paid by the client consists of the product’s price and any shipping and packing charges will be specified. The company does not charge an additional fee to the customer buying the product. For any fee charged in addition you can contact us immediately.


Any attempt to access personal data of another user, modify the content of Sophia-uk.co.uk or affect the performance of the server that runs the website will be considered an attempt to defraud the website Sophia-uk.co.uk and trigger criminal prosecution against those who have attempted this.

Final provisions

If any of the above will be found void or invalid for whatever reason, this clause shall not affect the validity of the other clauses. Once you purchase the order, the customer accepts the terms and conditions of use, their value being the same as a valid contract. By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions the customer fully assumes the rights and obligations arising from the purchase on Sophia-uk.co.uk online shop.